Haylockia is a small bulbous genus in the Amaryllidaceae family from South America with a subterranean ovary. Plants look a little like stemless Zephyranthes with narrow strap-shaped leaves that appear with or after the white, yellow, orange, lilac or red flowers.

It has been proposed (2000) that Haylockia chihuanhuayu should be transferred to Clinanthus; many other species are considered synonyms for Zephyranthes; so if the species you seek is not listed you should look there.

Haylockia andina identified by Kew as Zephyranthes andina starts to grow in spring and flowers just before the leaves appear. These photos by Hans Joschko show plants flowering in his garden in Germany in June 2004. They were collected in Argentina in the north, near St. Victoria at an altitude of 3040 m. not far away from the border of Bolivia.

Haylockia andina, Hans JoschkoHaylockia andina, Hans Joschko

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