Favorite Turquoise Bulbs

Members of the PBS list discussed their favorite blue flowered bulbs in November 2004. There was some carry over from the purple favorites, considered blue by some and purple by others. Lee Poulsen, Southern California, USDA Zone 9-10, nominated his favorite Teal/Cyan/Aquamarine/Blue-green/Turquoise flowers since he felt it was unlikely there would be a topic just for them. Pictures of them are shown below.

Favorite blue A-H - Favorite blue I-Z wiki pages describe the other favorite blue flowered bulbs.

Ixia viridiflora-- Everyone just stops and stares at this Ixia when it is in bloom.

Ixia viridiflora, Mary Sue Ittner

Lachenalia viridiflora -- A stunning color and a very showy Lachenalia.

Lachenalia viridiflora, Susan Hayek

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