Acis trichophylla

Acis trichophylla G.Don, syn. Leucojum trichophyllum, is native to Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Tangier where it is found in sandy places. It grows from 10 to 25 cm tall and has filiform leaves and 2 to 4 white or pink flowers. The perianth segments have sharp tips. According to Jane McGary, "it produces a great many bulblets, which grow to flowering size in about 2 years. It can be crowded and flower well" and that in her Northwestern Oregon climate, they should be "covered but not in heated frames in full sun, repotted every other year into very gritty soil and fed once in fall and 3 times in spring with soluble fertilizer." The first two photos below show the white form grown by Nhu Nguyen which flowers in early fall after a somewhat dry summer rest. Photos 3-5 taken by Hans Joschko.

Acis trichophylla, Nhu NguyenAcis trichophylla, Nhu NguyenAcis trichophylla, Hans JoschkoAcis trichophylla, Hans JoschkoAcis trichophylla, Hans Joschko

Photos 1-2 by Alessandro Marinello and photos 3-4 taken by Hans Joschko are of forms with pink flowers.

Acis trichophylla, Alessandro MarinelloAcis trichophylla, Alessandro MarinelloAcis trichophylla, Hans JoschkoAcis trichophylla, Hans Joschko

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