Adding Pages

To create a new page, you need to edit an existing page, and on it add a link to the page you want to create. You must be a PBS list member and an approved wiki user to add pages to the wiki. You will need to enter the password given to you when you are approved before you can edit a page. Add your name in the Author: box in the edit screen if this is the first time you are editing a page.

To link to your new page, you must choose a name for it. The best names describe the page's contents well, so that everyone can remember and type the name easily.

There are two main ways to create a link:

  1. Double brackets: Typing [[my new page]] will create a link to my new page?.
  2. You can type the name of your new page and highlight it and use the Gui button on the edit screen, Ab , link to internal page, to create the double brackets around your title.

You can see that the links to my new page? all have question marks after them. That's because my new page? hasn't been written yet. Clicking the link will take you to an edit form where you can write and save the my new page? (which you shouldn't do though, so that my new page? will remain an example on this page). Be sure you write in the Summary: box that you have created a new page before you save the new page.

If you are adding a new genus page which should be capitalized, you will need to add it to the Photographs And Information page. It is best to consult Table Additions in this instance, since this page requires additional instructions.

There is another way to create a page. In your browser's address bar (where the page URL is), replace the name of the current page with the name of the page you wish to create, and hit Enter or do whatever you would normally do to go to a new location. You will then be told that the page you entered doesn't exist, but you can click on the "Edit" link in order to create, edit, and save the new page.

The bad thing about this method is that there are no links to your new page, so you're the only person who knows it is there. It will be an orphan, unread and unlinked. That's why adding a link to an existing page is a better way to create a page.

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