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Miscellaneous Allium species from N to R are listed on this page. Other species are found on other Allium subpages listed below in blue. For a complete alphabetical listing of Alliums described and/or pictured on this wiki consult the table in the main Allium page.

Allium neapolitanum is a very common species in the south of Italy and a true weed in my yard. Photo in habitat by Angelo Porcelli.

Allium neapolitanum, Angelo Porcelli

Allium nevskianum is from Afghanistan and Tadjikistan where it grows in dry mountains at high elevations. It is a superb dwarf species but with immense balls of bloom, somewhat like an enlarged Allium karataviense, but with deeper colored blooms. Photo by John Lonsdale.

Allium nevskianum, John LonsdaleAllium nevskianum, John Lonsdale

Photos by Wietse Mellema from his bulb farm in the Netherlands.

Allium nevskianum, Wietse MellemaAllium nevskianum, Wietse Mellema

Allium obliquum is native to Central Asia where it grows in meadows, scrub and on cliffs. It has soft yellow flowers that appear in summer. They last rather longer than most ball Alliums by sequentially opening new single flowers. Photos by John Lonsdale and Martin Bohnet.

Allium obliquum, John LonsdaleAllium obliquum, Martin Bohnet

Allium oreophilum is an easy to grow species from Central Asia. The small plants reach a height of less than 8" with small pink flowers. The filaments are flattened and tapered to the anthers. Photo 1 by Travis Owen taken May 2015 in Rogue River, OR. Photo 2 shows drying capsules.

Allium oreophilum, May 2015, Travis OwenAllium oreophilum capsules, June 3 2015, Travis Owen

A. oreophilum 'Torch' - This is a superior form of the commonly available A. oreophilum, an easy to grow species from Central Asia. This cultivar and one other named 'Agalik' are rather expensive and only available from specialty bulb nurseries. Two photos by Mark McDonough, one at early anthesis in June, and the latter one taken in early July. The flowers heads are full and the large florets are intense carmine in color, really showing up well in the garden.

Allium oreophilum 'Torch', Mark McDonoughAllium oreophilum 'Torch', Mark McDonough

Allium paradoxum ssp. normale - From Iran, this is the non-bulbiliferous form of a normally bulbiliferous and weedy species. Growers in England complain that even the subspecies is a weed and warn against growing it. Here in a colder climate (northern New England, USA) it is barely able to survive and frequently gets damaged by late hard freezes. Absolutely one of my favorites, and an interesting plant on all accounts. The shiny green leaves have a central raised vein on the upper surface and give the distinct impression that the leaves are upside-down. The leaves recline and conceal the emerging buds initially. If the frost doesn't get them, the decorative pendant bells are large and pristine white, reminiscent of Leucojum. Flowers in early April. Photos by Mark McDonough.

Allium paradoxum ssp. normale, Mark McDonoughAllium paradoxum ssp. normale, Mark McDonoughAllium paradoxum ssp. normale, Mark McDonoughAllium paradoxum ssp. normale, Mark McDonough

Allium pskemense is from Central Asia where it grows in stony places. This white flowered Allium named for the Pskem River blooms in late summer. Photo by John Lonsdale.

Allium pskemense, John Lonsdale

Allium pyrenaicum is a rare and endangered species endemic to Spain (Pyrenees). It is tall with a slender stem to about 1 m, growing in gorges mostly in cool conditions. Photo taken in its habitat by Oron Peri.

Allium pyrenaicum, Oron Peri

Allium roseum is a rather uncommon Mediterranean species with pink flowers. It produces many bulbils and bulblets in one season which makes it invasive in some places. Growers in mediterranean climates beware! This bulb is mass produced by the Dutch and can easily be obtained through regular bulb catalogs or the internet. Photo 1 was taken in habitat by Angelo Porcelli. Photos 2-4 were taken by Nhu Nguyen growing in a mediterranean bed in Berkeley, California. Notice the numerous bulbils on the inflorescence.

Allium roseum, Angelo PorcelliAllium roseum, Nhu NguyenAllium roseum, Nhu NguyenAllium roseum, Nhu Nguyen

Allium rothii is a species from Israel. Plants have upright umbels and falcate leaves. The petals are white with a green stripe, contrasting with the deep maroon anthers and blackish ovary. Photos of wild plants by Gideon Pisanty.

Allium rothii, Gideon PisantyAllium rothii, Gideon PisantyAllium rothii, Gideon Pisanty

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