Allium altyncolicum

Allium altyncolicum 'Blue Spear' - This species was named just a couple years ago. For years I was puzzled by this very chive-like plant that had very un-chive-like growth habit, with striking bluish foliage that stands stiffly erect. The flowers appear later than A. schoenoprasum, and the florets are individually larger, and with longer filaments. Without knowing of this newly named species, it seemed like an entity somewhere between A. schoenoprasum and A. ledebourianum?. I had dubbed it 'Blue Spear' alluding to the foliage form. I'm glad to at long last to have a name on this Siberian species. The flowers are light mauve. The last two photos show the plant in flower. The flower heads are very large and showy, appearing well after regular chives or Allium schoenoprasum is done flowering. Photos by Mark McDonough.

Allium altyncolicum 'Blue Spear', Mark McDonoughAllium altyncolicum 'Blue Spear', Mark McDonoughAllium altyncolicum 'Blue Spear', Mark McDonough

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