Allium howellii

Allium howellii is a mostly southern California species with three varieties. It has exserted stamens and prominent ovary crests.

Allium howellii var. clokeyi grows on open slopes in desert sagebrush scrub. It has white flowers , sometimes with pink midveins. Photos by Mary Sue Ittner of the flower and the bulb (shown on a 1 cm. square grid).

Allium howellii var. clokeyi,  Mary Sue IttnerAllium howellii var. clokeyi,  bulb, Mary Sue Ittner

Allium howellii var. howellii is a common species with pale lavender flowers that grows on grassy slopes. It is distinguished from the other varieties by its thin stem.

Allium howellii var. sanbenitense grows on thinly grassy slopes in serpentine soils in San Benito and Fresno counties.

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