Allium nutans

Allium nutans "extra-wide leaf form" - This Siberian species is a terrific plant. But it's a highly variable entity, and there are inferior forms as well as truly superior forms. The one shown here is remarkable on account of the extra wide and thick gray leaves that spirally twist into impressive mounds. The first photo shows the plant in spring with the pirouetting rosettes of foliage, the second shows the massive muscular leaf rosettes in June, the third shows the nodding and twisting flower stems, and the last shows the typical flower form, dense floral globes that look fuzzy on account of the protruding stamens. Flower color can be found in all shades of rose, lilac, pink, to white. It is also one of the parents of Allium 'Sugar Melt'. Photos by Mark McDonough.

Allium nutans, Mark McDonoughAllium nutans, Mark McDonoughAllium nutans, Mark McDonoughAllium nutans, Mark McDonough

Several named selections are also available. Following are a few grown and photographed by Wietse Mellema, a bulb farmer from the Netherlands:

A. nutans 'Caroline' is silver medal winning selection from the hands of P. de Jong. Early in the spring to develop the twisted light gray, 30 cm long leaves that remain into autumn. The flower buds have a nodding head, but in late June they turn up and open to lilac pink flowers.

Allium nutans 'Caroline', Wietse Mellema

A. nutans 'Esmee' has flowers that are slightly larger and darker than those of 'Caroline' and leaves not twisted.

Allium nutans 'Esmee', Wietse Mellema

A. nutans 'Isabelle' is a white flowered form, sometimes blushing pink. Smaller in all respects to 'Caroline'.

Allium nutans 'Isabelle', Wietse Mellema

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