Allium trifoliatum

Allium trifoliatum is from Italy, North into France with some other populations reportedly scattered around the Mediterranean region. The leaves appear in Autumn. Leaves are wide, keeled, and apparently have hairy edges. The flowers are white, often aging to pink in a small umbel. Each petal has a pinkish or purplish stripe. The selections 'Eos', 'Cameleon', and 'Chameleon' are all the same plant, a fine form selected by Wim de Goede. Photographs of Allium trifoliatum 'Chameleon' in different stages of growth by Travis Owen.

Allium trifoliatum 'Chameleon' leaves in February 2015, Travis OwenAllium trifoliatum 'Chameleon' buds in April 2015, Travis OwenAllium trifoliatum 'Cameleon', April 19th 2015, Travis OwenAllium trifoliatum 'Cameleon', May 1st 2015, Travis Owen

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