Alstroemeria diluta

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 20-45cm (0.7-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: red, pink, white
Life form: rhizome
Climate: winter rain climate

Alstroemeria diluta This plant was grown from seed received as A. versicolor. It has similar linear, grayish leaves and scapes that are 25-30 cm long, with flowers about 4 cm across. Photo from Jane McGary.

Alstroemeria diluta, Jane McGary

Alstroemeria diluta spp. diluta produces compact winter foliage, low and mounded; flowering stems in spring about 24-46 cm (10-18") tall. Flowers (April-May) appearing when the foliage is mostly dried, light dull pink with dark red highlights at the tips of the upper inner segments. In nature this subspecies is found at low elevations between 34º and 36º south. It occurs to the south of subsp. chrysantha, which is more often encountered in the wild. The pictures below show material grown and photographed by Dylan Hannon that was obtained via an IBS seed exchange in 1994. It's one of his favourite winter geophytes because of its tufted mounds of light green linear leaves. Most people who see it in this phase are surprised to learn it is an Alstroemeria. Culture is easy in full sun in a sandy well-drained mix. Hardy to at least light frost and requires a dry summer rest. It takes well to containers and though it is deep-rooted like most alstroemerias it is at home in a 6" or one gallon pot.

Alstroemeria diluta subsp. diluta, Dylan HannonAlstroemeria diluta subsp. diluta, Dylan HannonAlstroemeria diluta subsp. diluta, Dylan Hannon

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