Alstroemeriaceae or the Alstroemeria family was formerly in Liliaceae. There are 3 or 4 genera in this family depending on whether one is included in another genus or split out and 165 to 200 species. Originating from central to southern South America, they are in the order Liliales. Plants in this family are rhizomatous and tuberous, some with swollen and fleshy roots that are modified to store water and nutrients. The leaves are alternate and slightly twisted at the base. Plants are both self supporting and climbing, the latter being stem twiners. Flowers are terminal with 6 overlapping tepals and 6 stamens. The ovary is inferior and the fruit a usually a capsule. The most well known genus, Alstroemeria, is a popular cut flower because of its long lasting bloom. Another genus, Bomarea, includes plants that are climbers with clusters of bell shaped flowers.

Genera with pages on our wiki are: Alstroemeria, Bomarea, and Leontochir

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