Anemone palmata

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: yellow, orange
Life form: rhizome

Anemone palmata is from the Iberian Peninsula. It has wonderful succulent leaves, all basal, and rather tall stems bearing the most brilliant yellow, large "daisy-type" flowers. Its rhizome is a fingerlike one that can be divided up carefully. It would be a perfect plant for warm Mediterranean-climate areas. In Portland, Oregon, it has survived winter temperatures around 17 degrees F without protection, though it grows more vigorously with overhead cover. The first photo was taken by Jane McGary. The next two were taken by Mary Sue Ittner who writes: "This is a close-up of the yellow flower from plants obtained from Jane and blooming March 2006 in Northern California where they have survived outside in a very wet winter. I didn't see the plant in 2007, but it is back in 2008."

Anemone palmata, Jane McGaryAnemone palmata, Mary Sue IttnerAnemone palmata back, Mary Sue Ittner

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