Baeometra is a genus of one species in the Colchicaceae family. This species is restricted to the Cape floral region of South Africa.

Baeometra uniflora grows mainly on rocky sandstone and granite slopes in the Southwest Cape and flowers from August to October. Growing to 25 cm high, it has one to five large golden orange flowers with dark centers and a reddish reverse and is pollinated by monkey beetles. Flowers are only open for a short time each afternoon. The first of two photos from Bob Rutemoeller was taken in September 2003 in an area of the Southwest Cape that had burned the year previously and the second at Bontebok National Park. The third was taken near Darling in the Southwest Cape by Mary Sue Ittner. The fourth was taken at the Hely-Hutchinson Reservoir, Table Mountain by Andrew Harvie. The last was taken by Cameron McMaster near Napier in the Overberg.

Baeometra uniflora, Bob RutemoellerBaeometra uniflora, Bontebok, Bob RutemoellerBaeometra uniflora, Darling, Mary Sue IttnerBaeometra uniflora, Table Mountain, Andrew HarvieBaeometra uniflora, Napier, Cameron McMaster

Photos by Mary Sue Ittner below of flowering in containers in Northern California, of the distinctive seedpods, and the corms.

Baeometra uniflora, Mary Sue IttnerBaeometra uniflora, Mary Sue IttnerBaeometra uniflora, Mary Sue IttnerBaeometra uniflora, Mary Sue Ittner

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