Bravoa is a genus in Agavoideae subfamily of Asparagaceae. In addition many believe it should not be a separate genus but included in Polianthes. All of the species which are tuberous with fleshy attached roots are native to Mexico. When they are kept separate from Polianthes, they are kept separate by color with the white or greenish white ones being included in Polianthes and the red or orange ones being considered to belong in Bravoa. These plants need plenty of moisture during their growing season, but kept on the dryish side in winter. Pictures and information about these species will be found on the Polianthes wiki page.

First hinted at by the appearance of hybrids between what has been thought of as different genera, including the former Manfreda, another member of the subfamily Agavoideae, further phylogenetic studies revealed the genera of Polianthes, Bravoa, Manfreda and Prochnyanthes to be nested within the large genus Agave, and have subsequently been transferred there as subgenus Manfreda, which in many cases created the need for a change of epithet. While scientifically well supported, the re-organization is counter-intuitive from a horticultural point of view, which is why we keep the former structure for now.

Bravoa geminiflora syn. Polianthes geminiflora now Agave coetocapnia (M.Roem.) Govaerts & Thiede

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