Byron Amerson

I presently reside in San Rafael, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. The climate here is generally classified as Mediterranean with a prominent maritime influence. However, since San Rafael is north of the Golden Gate it is frequently out of the fog belt and as a consequence gets somewhat warmer that other locations in the vicinity. In the terms Sunset climate zones, this area is Zone 14 or 15. Plants grow well here, especially succulents from all regions of the world. Geophytes of the eastern cape of Southern Africa grow very well with little extra care. It is a real treat to grow most of the species from that region with almost no special care. Amaryllis belladonna (with who knows what other Amaryllid DNA thrown in for good measure) turns up in all sorts of odd places as a weedy garden escapee, and I suspect is well on its way to becoming a new subspecies.

I have a variety of botanical interests. More than a decade ago Carnivorous plants were the gateway group. I have have had a variety of out-of-control collections that have now passed on. In the past few years, succulents such Echeverias, Pachyphytums, and Sedums, as well as cacti, Agave, and Aloe have been appealing because of their ease in container culture and abundant, showy flowers. Geophytes, especially the more arcane Amaryllids of southern Africa are recent discovery. I have pots and pots of seedlings that I've sown from seeds supplied by the PBX, Silverhill, the McMasters, and Penroc among others. I'm going to have a real problem on my hands as these things begin to mature.

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