Caliphruria is a genus in the Amaryllidaceae family with 4 species native to northern Peru and low montane forests in Colombia. It is closely related to Eucharis in the Eucharideae tribe. Only two species are common in cultivation.

Caliphruria korsakoffii (Traub) Meerow was transferred to the genus Stenomesson by Meerow et al. 2020

Caliphruria subedentata Baker (syn. Eucharis fosteri Traub) is native to northwestern Colombia. This plant should be grown like a Eucharis with good warm temps and filtered sunlight. Flowering is unpredictable, and probably requires a dryish winter dormancy. The flowers do not seem to have a scent. Photos 1-2 were taken in July 2003 by Lee Poulsen of plants given to him by Charles Hardman. Charles says it's easier to flower than Eucharis x grandiflora. Photos 3-4 from Hans Joschko.

Caliphruria subedentata, Lee PoulsenCaliphruria subedentata, Lee PoulsenCaliphruria subedentata, Hans JoschkoCaliphruria subedentata, Hans Joschko

The photos 4-6 were taken by Nhu Nguyen of plants grown by Uluwehi Knecht.

Caliphruria subedentata, Nhu NguyenCaliphruria subedentata, Nhu NguyenCaliphruria subedentata, Nhu NguyenCaliphruria subedentata, Nhu Nguyen

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