Caulokaempferia is a genus of about 10 species in the Zingiberaceae family found in the southern Himalayas of India, Sikikim and Myanmar, to S. China, southwards down the Indochinese Peninsula to S. Thailand. These gingers grow from a short, small rhizome with the roots sometimes forming storage tubers. Some are terrestrial while others are lithophytic, growing on moist rocks often near streams or waterfalls. The Himalayan and Chinese species are dormant in winter.

Recent genetic analysis has shown that the genus should be divided into two different genera with the white flowered types separate from the yellow flowered types, and more closely related to Boesenbergia.

Caulokaempferia linearis is found in the eastern Himalayas and inhabits cool forest areas near mountain streams and damp forest floors growing along with other weeds. Also found growing on crevices of large boulders by mountain streams in humus collected in the crevices. Grows fast and vigorously during the summer monsoon months. A very fragile looking plant with showy flowers which have white petals that are flushed with red on the back. The rhizomes are very small and deciduous in winter.

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