Christiaan van Schalkwyk

I live in Upington, South Africa, and run my own business.
We have extreme hot and dry weather, with winters mostly mild, with only a few freezing days. Rainfall is minimal, between 90-150 mm per year, and falls mostly during late summer (February to April).
I have three groups of plant interrest:
1. Cacti and Succulents: I grow mainly succulents, with Lithops and Adromischus being my two main interests, but have a number of other mesembs and succulents. Not so much cacti.
2. Soft/Garden plants: Chrysanthemum and Gerbera. Providing colour in summer.
3. Bulbs: I do have a number of other bulbous species, but specialize in Oxalis, and then mostly the South African species. I currently have a collection of more than 300 species and varieties. Most of these flower and grow in winter, which is a colourless time of year for the rest of the garden. All these are in pots under shadecloth.
Luckily my wife loves plants as well!

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