Comments Policy

You’re very welcome to post your comments to the PBS wiki. Please share your experiences, ideas, and questions!

Good topics for comments include:

Please include your name and location (city and country) in your comment. Everyone gardens in different climates, and what works for one person may not work for another. By listing your location, you’ll help people in other climates determine if your experience is relevant to them.

This is a place for polite, respectful conversation. Before you post, ask yourself if you’d say the same thing to someone face to face. Unless the answer is “yes,” rewrite it. Harsh or negative comments discourage others from participating in the conversation, and are not welcome.

You may not advertise anything in your comments. That includes posting comments that consist solely or mostly of links to other websites. It’s OK to include a link to a relevant site when that makes sense as a part of your comment, but we expect you to add some value here on this wiki.

Comments will be reviewed by a wiki administrator, who can delete them at his/her sole discretion. Candidates for removal include:

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