Convolvulaceae or the morning glory family consists of about 60 genera and more than 1,650 species. Members are distributed world-wide in tropical, subtropical and temperate climates. Plants come in diverse habits from herbs to vines to trees and can be annuals or perennials. Ipomoea arborea can grow to an impressive tree. Some members of this family (genus Cuscuta) grow as parasites of other plants. Flowers come in an array of colors from white to red and everything in between. The family can easily be recognized by the flowers, each consists of 5 petals fusing to form a delicate trumpet. Plants produce ergoline alkaloid, which can be toxic if eaten uncooked. The family contains many important crop species such as I. batatas and I. aquatica. Gardeners will know members of this family in the genus Convolvulus which form twining stems and brighten up each morning with delicate flowers of various colors.

We have a single representative of this family on the wiki in the genus Ipomoea.

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