Corydalis angustifolia

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: white, pink

Corydalis angustifolia (M.Bieb.) DC. is native to the Caucasus, Turkey, and the Elburz Mountains of Iran where it is found in forest and scrub. It has a tuber that is almost corm like. It is very similar to Corydalis solida. It has white to creamy yellow flowers with inner petals with internal tips of purple and leaves with narrow deeply divided linear lanceolate leaflets. Bracts are divided into threes. This species is reported to grow well in woodland conditions or a pot kept just moist. Photographs by John Lonsdale.

Corydalis angustifolia, John LonsdaleCorydalis angustifolia, John Lonsdale

Corydalis angustifolia 'Talish Dawn' is a selection made by Jānis Rukšāns with pink tinged flowers. Photographs by John Lonsdale.

Corydalis angustifolia 'Talish Dawn', John LonsdaleCorydalis angustifolia 'Talish Dawn', John Lonsdale

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