Corydalis glaucescens

Corydalis glaucescens Regel is a dry land species native to the Tien Shan and the Pamir-Alai mountains in Central Asia. It has several ascending stem branches from the scale leaf, deeply divided leaflets and a few flowered raceme of pale pink to purple small nodding flowers. It needs a dry summer. The photo below is by Andrey Dedov taken in the Altai Mountains.

Corydalis glaucescens, Andrey Dedov

Corydalis glaucescens 'Medeo' is a selection in which the pink tinged petals have a rose-lilac central stripe. Jānis Rukšāns comments "Collected near the high mountain skating rink Medeo in Kazakhstan during my first mountain trip". Photograph by John Lonsdale.

Corydalis glaucescens 'Medeo', John Lonsdale

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