Cucurbitaceae or the gourd family consists of about 90 genera and some 700 species which occur in warm-temperate and mostly tropical areas in all parts of the world. There are very few species in colder regions. Leaves are often palmate and dissected. Members are mostly annual vines but they also come in various other forms such as woody lianas, shrubs, and trees. Flowers tend to be conspicuous white or yellow and mostly are unisexual. Tendrils form at leaf axes serve as anchoring tissue for climbing vines. Some are dessication tolerant plants, loosing their leaves during the driest time of the season. Others form large caudexes which are favored among succulent lovers. Members of this family have been in cultivation for a long time due to their nutritious fruits, among them gourds, squashes, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers, etc.

We have the genus Marah represented on the wiki.

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