Cypripedium montanum

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 70-80 cm (2.3-2.6 ft)
Flower Colors: white, brown

Cypripedium montanum is a species native northwestern United States and western Canada. Common names include large lady's slipper, mountain lady's slipper, white lady's slipper and moccasin flower.

The photographs below are by Robin Hansen, who writes. One was taken in a friend's rock garden in Z 9 on the southwest Oregon coast and the other is taken after the plant was dug and put in a container. It was purchased from professional growers in California many years ago. It is in a pot on my deck and is watered regularly, with fertilizer lightly once or twice a year when I remember. It gets full light but not much direct sun and has bloomed profusely since I dug it three years ago. It gets very good air circulation and I've not so far had any problems with pests or diseases. I asked an acknowledged orchid expert and she said when they are dormant to completely and carefully remove all soil, then using a sharp knife cut sections with at least one eye, but this is large enough that I should be able to include more eyes per division.

Cypripedium montanum, Robin HansenCypripedium montanum, Robin Hansen

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