David Nicholson

Hi Folks,

I live in the County of Devon in the far South West of England. Devon is situated on a peninsula surrounded by the sea on all three sides and given this and the influences of the Gulf Stream it will come as no surprise that my climate is maritime and equates to Zone 9. My garden is on the Southern slopes of Dartmoor, 350 feet (107 meters) above sea level and receives around 900 mm of annual rainfall. It is a windy site and my soil is fertile but stony. Frosts are rarely severe but, having said that, Winter 2009 is said to have been the coldest since records began.

My main interests are Crocus, Iris and Narcissus species and I have a growing collection of European and South African Romuleas with many of the latter being grown from seed. I try to grow as many South African species as I can get my hands on and in addition I am also growing some Calochortus, Zephyranthes and Habranthus species. I have the typical gardeners problem (lack of space!) and my 8feet x 6feet aluminum glasshouse is bursting at the seams.

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