Dodecatheon is a former genus of herbaceous perennial plants in the Primulaceae family. In 2007 in a paper entitled Transfer of Dodecatheon to Primula (Primulaceae) by Austin Mast and James Reveal, Dodecatheon was moved to Primula on the basis of DNA testing. It became Primula section Dodecatheon (L.) A. R. Mast & Reveal as a member of Primula subgenera Auriculastrum. The species in this section are believed to have evolved from a primula ancestor through the actions of buzz pollination by bees. Since this change seems to be adopted we are now including geophytic species that were formerly on this page on the Primula wiki page. For more information on this genus and the reasoning behind this change see Revision of Dodecatheon by James L. Reveal.

Dodecatheon clevelandii Greene see Primula clevelandii (Greene) A. R. Mast & Reveal

Dodecatheon hendersonii A.Gray see Primula hendersonii (A.Gray) A.R.Mast & Reveal

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