Favorite Orange Flowered Bulbs

In March 2004 the Pacific Bulb Society List topic of the week was favorite orange flowered bulbs. Participants mentioned these bulbs as favorites. They are listed below alphabetically, sometimes with comments, followed by the name and the location of the person who named them as favorite, usually from experience growing them. If there were pictures on our PBS wiki of the plants named, they are linked.

This page contains genera A -K. See favorite orange L-Z

Chasmanthe -- Ann, Southern California; also Chasmanthe bicolor, David Fenwick, UK and Chasmanthe floribunda -- Jamie Vande, Germany.

Chasmanthe bicolor, Mary Sue IttnerChasmanthe floribunda, Bob Rutemoeller

Clivia miniata -- spectacular orange-flowered amaryllid, Kevin Preuss, Florida; many different color forms, Jim Shields, Indiana; Lee Poulsen, Southern California; Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly southern California; Ann, Southern California.

Clivia miniata, Mary Sue Ittner

Crocosmia -- Diane Whitehead, British Columbia; useful weed, Ken Hixson, Western Oregon; Ann, Southern California.

Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora, Bob Rutemoeller

Crocosmia aurea 'Maculata' -- a natural hybrid form with deeper markings in its centre; also Crocosmia aurea x masoniorum 'Comet' (syn. Crocosmia 'Malahide Castle') -- good two tone, David Fenwick, UK.

Crocosmia 'Corona', Crocosmia 'Festival Orange', Crocosmia 'PDB3' and Crocosmia 'PDB20' -- hybrids by the Crocosmia breeder Phillipa Browne, of Ledbury, UK with flower size generally small as is plant height, but the foliage colour on most is bronze, David Fenwick, UK.

Crocosmia 'Edna Fitt' -- bicolor with orange and apricot on alternate segments and Crocosmia 'Jupiter' -- nice habit, even when not in flower, flowers are large, pale orange and elegant, David Fenwick, UK.

Crocosmia masoniorum -- Rodger Whitlock, British Columbia, Canada.

Crocosmmia masoniorum, Bob Rutemoeller

Crocosmia 'Star of the East' -- largest flowered forms in a true orange and one of the hardier ones and Crocosmia 'Zeal Giant' -- tallest, most robust, can reach six feet in height, David Fenwick, UK.

Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Prometheus' -- this one has large red markings in its centre, David Fenwick, UK.

Crocus ancyrensis -- first in my lawn each year, cadmium orange, Jamie Vande, Germany.

Crocus ancyrensis 'Golden Bunch', photographed by Tony Goode

Crocus gargaricus and Crocus olivieri 'Zwanenburg', Jane McGary, Northwestern Oregon.

Crocus gargaricus ssp. gargaricus, photographed by Tony Goode

Freesia -- any orange one, Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly southern California.

Freesia grandiflora, Lee Poulsen

Fritillaria aureomarginata -- A beautiful flower, and variegated leaves to boot, Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly southern California.

Fritillaria imperialis -- Jamie Vande, Germany.

Fritillaria imperialis 'Aurora', Jamie Vande

Fritillaria pinardii -- orange in the interior, Jane McGary, Northwestern Oregon.

Fritillaria pinardii, Jane McGary

Gladiolus alatus -- Jane McGary, Northwestern Oregon.

Gladiolus alatus, Bob Rutemoeller

Gladiolus dalenii -- just the right color of orange for Halloween which is conveniently around the time it blooms for me -- Lee Poulsen, Southern California; beautiful soft glowing orange, Rodger Whitlock, British Columbia, Canada.

Gladiolus dalenii, Mary Sue Ittner

Gloriosa superba -- Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly southern California.

Gloriosa superba, Sheila Burrow

Hippeastrum blossfeldiae -- marvelous orange-flowered amaryllid and Hippeastrum puniceum, Kevin Preuss, Florida; also Lee Poulsen, Southern California.

Hippeastrum puniceum, Lee Poulsen

Hippeastrum 'Rilona' -- This flower absolutely sparkled for me; it was the prettiest thing in my garden the last time that it bloomed, Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly Southern California.

Hippeastrum striatum -- marvelous orange-flowered amaryllid, Kevin Preuss, Florida.

Hippeastrum striatum var. petiolatum, Lee Poulsen

Hyacinth 'Salmon Queen' -- Ken Hixson, Western Oregon.

Ixia curta -- a nice, bright orange, Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly Southern California.

Ixia curta, Bob Rutemoeller

Ixia dubia (syn. Ixia frederickii) -- a deep, burnt-orange, Jennifer Hildebrand, New York, formerly Southern California.

Ixia dubia, Mary Sue Ittner

Kniphofia -- keeps the hummingbirds happy from midsummer till at least Christmas, Diane Whitehead, British Columbia; Ken Hixson, Western Oregon; coral orange seedling in a fabulous genus, bridging from geophyte to succulent and bringing the aloe-like spikes of colour into the temperate garden, Jamie Vande, Germany.

Kniphofia 'Bees Sunset', Bob Rutemoeller

Kniphofia 'Amanda Harris', Kniphofia 'Molten Lava' -- hybrid pokers from and favored by David Fenwick, UK.

Kniphofia 'Christmas Cheer' -- blooms reliably in December each year and requires almost no care other than regular water, Lee Poulsen, Southern California.

Kniphofia northiae, Kniphofia rooperi -- are the best orange pokers with me, David Fenwick, UK.

Kniphofia northiae, Cameron McMasterKniphofia rooperi, Lauw de Jager

Kniphofia 'Painted Lady' -- pastel orange, produces a fantastic show. Kniphofia 'Shining Sceptre'-- apricot orange produces a fantastic show, David Fenwick, UK

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