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In December 2004 the Pacific Bulb Society List topic of the week was favorite white flowered bulbs. Participants mentioned the bulbs listed below as favorites. They are listed alphabetically, sometimes with comments, followed by the name and the location of the person who named them as favorite, usually from experience growing them. If we have a picture of the plants mentioned on the wiki there is a link to that picture.

This page contains genera M-Z. See Favorite white A-L

Massonia pustulata -- a form with really pustulate leaves and long stamens. Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Massonia pustulata, Mary Sue Ittner

Moraea atropunctata -- Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Moraea atropunctata, Bob Rutemoeller

Moraea tricolor 'Album' -- Reliably sending up masses of white flowers in mid-winter to spring. -- Boyce Tankersley, Chicago, Illinois.

Narcissus -- I am particularly fond of white small cupped daffodils in Division 3, many of which have a wonderful soft green eye and throat, and a size and poise of great charm, John Grimshaw, Nr Cheltenham, UK; I like the all white Narcissus 'Stainless' and the contrast of Narcissus 'Raspberry Rose' rich pink and white is a standout, Jim Waddick, Kansas City, Missouri.

Narcissus 'Sinopel', Jay Yourch

Narcissus alpestris -- Pride of place among the species goes to this species with lop-eared perianth segments and down-pointing trumpet, but alas, mine have all died out. -- John Grimshaw, Nr Cheltenham, UK

Narcissus alpestris, Jane McGary

Narcissus cantabricus -- crystalline appearance, John Grimshaw , Nr Cheltenham, UK.

Narcissus cantabricus, Mary Sue Ittner

Narcissus poeticus -- red-eyed, John Grimshaw , Nr Cheltenham, UK.

Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus, Giorgio Pozzi

Neomarica gracilis -- One of the easiest and most graceful houseplants I have ever grown. I love the elegant shape and sweet, gentle fragrance of these flowers and the winter show gets better with each passing year, Corey Thompson, Chicago, Illinois.

Neomarica gracilis, Andrew Harvie

Nerine flexuosa 'Alba' -- now considered to be Nerine humilis -- John Grimshaw , Nr Cheltenham, UK.

Nerine flexuosa, now considered N. humilis, Alessandro Marinello

Onixotis stricta see Wurmbea stricta

Ornithogalum -- John Grimshaw , Nr Cheltenham, UK.

Ornithogalum saundersiae, Arnold Trachtenberg

Oxalis versicolor -- which on a warm day is such a bright statement and on a cooler day has those wonderful red markings as it is all curled up, Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Oxalis versicolor, Mary Sue Ittner

Pancratium -- must also be lumped into these favorites for me, Kevin Preuss, Florida.

Pancratium maritimum, Angelo Porcelli

Pauridia capensis, syn. Spiloxene capensis -- Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Pauridia capensis, was Spiloxene capensis, Bob Rutemoeller

Polianthes tuberosa -- The elegant white flowers, the incredible fragrance; and summer is so far away! Boyce Tankersley, Chicago, Illinois.

Scadoxus puniceus 'Alba' -- Doug Westfall, Southern California.

Scadoxus puniceus, Doug Westfall

Trillium grandiflorum -- John Grimshaw , Nr Cheltenham, UK.

Trillium grandiflorum, photo by Bill DijkTrillium grandiflorum, photo by John LonsdaleDouble flowered Trillium grandiflorum, photo by John LonsdaleDwarf Trillium grandiflorum, photo by John Lonsdale

Triteleia lilacina -- It is diminutive, but it is one of those flowers that is pure magic if you take out a magnifying glass or a hand lens and peer inside. Blue anthers form a crown around hundreds of iridescent glass beads that encircle the blossom. -- Nancy Gilbert, Grass Valley, California. This Triteleia is wonderful. It is probably my favorite Triteleia, Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Triteleia lilacina, Bob Rutemoeller

Tulipa 'Purissima' -- starts greenish cream and fades to ivory white, its massive flowers lasting for weeks if the weather is kind, and Tulipa 'White Triumphator' looks fabulous in the borders. -- John Grimshaw, Nr Cheltenham, UK.

Tulipa 'White Triumphator', David Pilling

Wurmbea stricta -- Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California.

Wurmbea stricta, Bob Rutemoeller

Zantedeschia aethiopica -- growing in immense numbers at the foot of the Sani Pass about now, or in Cape Town a few months earlier: no doubt about its whiteness! John Grimshaw , Nr Cheltenham, UK. I've never been successful with the colored flowered species but the white flowered species is incredible - as well as fragrant. Boyce Tankersley, Chicago, Illinois.

Zantedeschia aethiopica, Mary Sue Ittner

Zephyranthes candida -- is hard to beat with masses of bloom that goes on for months, -- Mary Sue Ittner, Northern California. Also Dennis Kramb, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Zephyranthes candida, Bob Rutemoeller

Zephyranthes drummondii -- I grew up with this geophytic taxa on a ranch in southwestern Texas and it still brings back favorite memories as well as a nice fragrance, Boyce Tankersley, Chicago, Illinois.

Zephyranthes drummondii, Jay Yourch

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