Fritillaria montana

Fritillaria montana Hoppe ex W.D.J.Koch is native to southern and eastern Europe.

Photo by Ian Young.

Fritillaria montana, Ian Young

There is some confusion when it comes to nomenclature regarding this species. On occasion, clones or seed of F. montana are circulated under the synonym "F. tenella". The main confusion comes into play because the vast majority of sources list F. tenella as a synonym of Fritillaria orientalis.

Fritillaria orientalis Bulb: with/without bulblets Leaves: canaliculated Perianth segments: apex obtuse, without fascia Capsule: distinctly 6-angled Chromosome number: 2n = 24 Distribution: endemic to Southern Russia

Frtillaria montana Bulb: with a single stolon arising from the major scale Leaves: flat Perianth segments: apex pointed, with fascia Capsule: somewhat 6-angled Chromosome number: 2n = 18 Distribution: SE France, Italy, the Balkans, Northern Greece, SW Ukraine with a single location reported in South West Turkey.

Photos by Ian Young of plants grown as "Fritillaria tenella".

Fritillaria tenella (montana), Ian YoungFritillaria tenella (montana), Ian YoungFritillaria tenella (montana), Ian Young

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