Gagea is a genus from Europe and Western Asia in the Liliaceae family. Most of the species are small with starry yellow flowers in spring. They have rather long leaves, and you have to let them build up a good clump to get a good effect.

Gagea caroli-kochii is a rare alpine species distributed from Transcaucasus to NW Iran. This species has 1-2 basal leaves and a large solitary flower on a short, 1-2 cm pedicel. It appears soon after snow melts, May-June. Photo was taken in the Central Caucasus, Georgia by Oron Peri.

Gagea caroli-kochii, Oron Peri

Gagea chlorantha is a common species in the eastern Mediterranean spreading to Iran, Iraq and north to S. Turkmenistan. It is a small slender species with round tepals. Growing in various habitats, often in large numbers, flowering in February - March. Photos taken by Oron Peri in the Negev desert, South Israel.

Gagea chlorantha, Oron PeriGagea chlorantha, Oron Peri

Gagea fibrosa is very widely distributed in the eastern Mediterranean and as far as the Caucasus. The species epithet comes from the dense mat of fibers around the cluster of tiny bulbs. They are easy to grow from seed, flowering in 3 years. The flowers close up in dim light. Photo by Jane McGary

Gagea fibrosa, Jane McGary

Gagea filiformis is easily recognised by its 'curly' appearance. This species has a solitary, narrow, basal leaf and a prominent floral leaf which is same length or longer than the flowers which are 3-7 in number. Growing in light woods, often under conifer trees, it tends to form small clumps. Distributed from Kazakhstan to Mongolia and Pakistan. Photo taken by Oron Peri in Kazakhstan.

Gagea filiformis, Oron Peri

Gagea glacialis is a common alpine species, growing in meadows in damp conditions, it is distributed from north-west Turkey to the Caucasus. This species has two unequal basal leaves; often it appears in large numbers near melting snow. Photographed by Oron Peri in the Lesser Caucasus in Georgia.

Gagea glacialis, Oron Peri

Gagea graeca is one of the white-flowered species, yellow ones being more numerous. Photographed in Crete by Jane McGary, growing in thin turf on stony ground.

Gagea graeca, Jane McGary

Gagea lutea is widespread in woods and meadows in Europe. It has one leaf and 5-10 cm stems with starry greenish yellow flowers. Photos from Alessandro Marinello and Martin Bohnet.

Gagea lutea, Alessandro MarinelloGagea lutea, Alessandro MarinelloGagea lutea, not fully open on a clouded day, Martin Bohnet

Gagea minutiflora is a tiny Central Asian alpine species; it is about 5 cm, with a solitary flower. Growing in rocky situations, it flowers from May to June. Photo taken by Oron Peri in Kazakhstan.

Gagea minutiflora, Oron Peri

Gagea serotina see wiki entry under former name Lloydia serotina

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