Gladiolus ecklonii

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: pink
Climate: summer rain climate

Gladiolus ecklonii Lehmann (syn. G. marmoratus, G. inclusus) is widespread in the summer rainfall area where it is found in well watered low grassland. It has flowers that are minutely spotted or dotted pink, red or purple on a white background. The lower tepals are yellow to cream. The flowers may be so evenly covered with uniformly pink or dark red spots that they look that color. From a distance the flowers on my plants looks almost brown. The attractive leaves are bright green in a fan with thickened margins. The species is named after C. F. Ecklon, the plant collector who first sent seeds of it to the Hamburg Botanic Garden. The first two photos are of plants blooming September 2004 in California by Mary Sue Ittner.

Gladiolus ecklonii, Mary Sue IttnerGladiolus ecklonii, Mary Sue Ittner

The first four photos were taken by Cameron McMaster in the Eastern Cape and the last was taken by Rod Saunders.

Gladiolus ecklonii, Cameron McMasterGladiolus ecklonii, Sentinel Peak, Cameron McMasterGladiolus ecklonii, Maclear, Cameron McMasterGladiolus ecklonii, Cameron McMasterGladiolus ecklonii, Rod Saunders

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