Gladiolus maculatus

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: yellow, pink, purple, patterned
Climate: winter rain climate

Gladiolus maculatus Sweet extends across the southern coast and immediate interior of the winter rainfall area to the Eastern Cape where it is often found growing in heavy soils in renosterveld. Flowers are dull yellow to lilac and speckled with brown or purplish spots. They are long-tubed and fragrant during the day and the evening. The first three pictures were taken by Cameron McMaster near Napier and Bredasdorp in the Overberg.

Gladiolus maculatus, Cameron McMasterGladiolus maculatus, Napier, Cameron McMasterGladiolus maculatus, Bredasdrop, Cameron McMaster

The first two pictures below are of garden flowers taken by Mary Sue Ittner December 2007 and January 2009. The next two were taken by Alan Horstmann and the last by Dirk Wallace.

Gladiolus maculatus, Mary Sue IttnerGladiolus maculatus, Mary Sue IttnerGladiolus maculatus, Alan HorstmannGladiolus maculatus, Alan HorstmannGladiolus maculatus, Dirk Wallace

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