Hedychium deceptum

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 80-120 cm (2.6-3.9 ft)
Flower Colors: red
Flower Season: late summer to mid autumn
Climate: USDA Zone 8-9

Hedychium deceptum N.E.Br. may be more commonly found under its synonym H. rubrum, but has been returned in 2015 by Sanoj & Sabu to the older name established in 1921. Originating from Assam it is another reasonably hardy ginger, at least down to USDA Zone 8.

Photos by Martin Bohnet, who needs a warm October in Germany for flowers to actually open up - the brilliant red (bordering orange) is definitely worth the wait and contrasts beautifully with the dark green leaves. The last photo shows the same plant 2 years earlier with less favorable weather and likely starving in a much smaller container - these flowers never opened.

Hedychium deceptum, Martin BohnetHedychium deceptum, Martin BohnetHedychium deceptum aborted flower, Martin Bohnet

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