Jim and Georgie Robinett

Jim and Georgie Robinett explored, located, and learned to identify native bulbs from the North American west coast and also some inland for more than 20 years. They collected seed of many species and grew it on, marketing both bulbs they grew from seed and seed world wide through their business, Robinett Bulb Farm, located in Sebastopol, California. The business closed in 1999. They shared with their customers what they had learned about how to grow the bulbs they sold and also gave talks to various plant groups. Together with Mark McDonough, they co-authored the section on alliums in Bulbs of North America. Jim and Georgie also wrote articles for The North American Lily Society Quarterly Bulletin and for Herbertia. They were also coeditors of Mariposa, the Calochortus Society newsletter, for a number of years. After Jim died in 2001, Georgie continued on as editor for a number of issues.

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