Joshua Young

I live in central Indiana zone 5 where the winters are quite cold and the summers can be brutal. I enjoy growing many species of Hippeastrum as well as hybrids. I've currently started work on a breeding program that implements fragrance, a long missing character in many of today's hybrids.

I grew up loving nature whether it was plants, animals or just life in general. I never quite understood my passion until my teenage years when I would spend most of my time collecting wild plants and gardening. I always had a soft spot for bulbs; spring and fall I looked so forward to rummaging through the boxes of different Daffodils or Calla Lilies and buying as many Hippeastrum kits as I could afford!

Now with my interests evolving I've come to love reading and learning as much as possible about species bulbs. I plant to travel and view many of these species in habitat so I can learn more about their cultivation and natural requirements.

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