Keukenhof , located in Lisse, The Netherlands, is a world famous garden open to the public in spring every year with a display of millions of tulips and other bulbs. There are 32 hectares planted new every year with an additional four covered pavilions with flower shows. For more information see the Keukenhof web site

Keukenhof Click for map

The two photographs below show Janos Agoston in front of beds at Keukenhof. The first shows him in front of massed Muscari armeniacum and the second in front of Muscari latifolium. In the background, the red tulip is Tulipa fosteriana 'Rob Verlinden' and the yellow narcissus is Narcissus cyclamineus 'Tete-a-Tete'.

Keukenhof, Janos AgostonKeukenhof, Janos Agoston

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