Kniphofia multiflora

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 150-200 cm (4.9-6.6 ft)
Flower Colors: orange, yellow, white
Flower Season: late summer
Climate: summer rain climate

Kniphofia multiflora J.M.Wood & M.S.Evans is the largest species in the genus. Everything about it is big relative to the other species in the genus. It grows in the summer and goes completely dormant in the winter, dropping all of its leaves. There are two color forms which roughly correlate with distribution, with whitish to cream flowers in the south, and the typical Kniphofia orange/yellow color scheme further north. Unlike most other Kniphofias, the individual flowers stand up even in full bloom, giving the exceptionally long inflorescence a fuzzy look with their exerted stamens and styles.

During growth, it likes lots of water and can multiply from a small seedling into a gigantic plant as seen in the photo in just three years! Photos 1-3 were taken by Nhu Nguyen of the plant at the end of its second year. Photos 4-5 were taken by Uluwehi Knecht of the much larger cluster in bloom during its third growing season.

Kniphofia multiflora, Nhu NguyenKniphofia multiflora, Nhu NguyenKniphofia multiflora, Nhu NguyenKniphofia multiflora, Uluwehi KnechtKniphofia multiflora, Uluwehi Knecht

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