Lapiedra is a monotypic genus in the family Amaryllidaceae. It is native to Spain and Morocco.

Lapiedra martinezii is the only species in the genus and grows in rocky crevices or on very stony soil near the sea or in very hot areas inland. In the autumn several pure white, glistening flowers appear on a 15 cm scape. Photos 1-2 by Alessandro Marinello. Photos 3-4 from Hans Joschko. The last photo from Guy L'Eplattenier of a group of about 50 flowering in El Perell√≥, Spain August 2018.

Lapiedra martinezii, Alessandro MarinelloLapiedra martinezii, Alessandro MarinelloLapiedra martinezii, Hans JoschkoLapiedra martinezii, Hans JoschkoLapiedra martinezii, Guy L'Eplattenier

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