Lauw de Jager

I was born in Holland (1940), studied in Edinburgh, and worked in England. In 1980 I moved to the south of France to grow vegetables. When in the mid-eighties we started to grow bulbs, we soon realised that this climate is suitable for many species which cannot be grown in Northern Europe. Now our commercial bulb nursery specialises in bulbs originating from Mediterranean climatic zone. My particular interest is in South African winter growers including a collection of Moraeas.

Geographic and climatic situation: In the Rhone Delta 40 km from the Mediterranean sea (on the edge of the Camargue), climatic zone 9 (on the warm side of the zone olivier). We have occasional frosts, but during the day time temperatures rise always above 0 °C. (32 °F). From the middle of June until end of August we have no precipitation and maximum temperatures around 30 °C.(86 °F.)

BULB'ARGENCE, 30300 Fourques, France RĂ©gion: Provence/Camargue; Climat: Zone 9a (Mediterranean) Tel: 33 466 016 519 Fax: 33 466 011 245

The photo below was taken of me and Audrey Cain at the IBSA Bulb and Corm Symposium in August 2003 by Bob Rutemoeller.
Lauw de Jager, Audrey Cain, photo, Bob Rutemoeller

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