Liz Waterman

I live in Oakland, California across the bay from San Francisco, a few blocks south of Berkeley, in a very small house on a narrow deep rather shaded lot. Passifloras are taking over (with my blessings). There are oodles of different plants in pots including bulbs. I have many rescued leftovers, some edibles and too many trees for a city lot. Mostly it's a one of a kind garden, no room for anything else but I just can't resist a new plant.

I'm retired , and now work as a volunteer at UC Botanical Garden in the shop and at the "Sick Plant Clinic." That's where I find all these irresistible plants. I also volunteer at the little known Oakland (Lake Merritt) Botanic garden where now I mostly just propagate plants.

I'm an eclectic (perhaps somewhat fickle) gardener, growing whatever I fancy at the moment but there are always at least a few Passifloras, some Salvias and Penstemons and oodles of little bulbs. I'm a member of the California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) and the California Horticultural Society.

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