Mark Turner

Photographer Mark Turner is based in Bellingham, Washington. He has a passion for wildflowers, other native plants, and gardens. In his plant photography he strives to combine the visual arts with a clear understanding of the biology of his subject matter. Mark studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and is a self-taught botanist. In a perfect world he would spend most of his time during each growing season in the field looking for and photographing plants and their habitats.

Mark is the author of Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, an award-winning (American Horticulture Society Book Award 2007) field guide to more than 1220 species of flowering plants found in southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and northern California. Organized by color and flower shape, the book is designed to be easy for any flower enthusiast to use in the field. Each entry includes a photo, description, and range map along with details about bloom time, habitat, and rarity. Published in 2006 by Timber Press, the book has gone through multiple printings and continues to receive accolades from users.

Phyllis Gustafson and Mark Turner collaborated on the book, with Phyllis researching and writing all of the plant descriptions and Mark searching out and photographing the flowers.

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Pacific Northwest Wildflowers contains 16235 wildflower photographs by Mark Turner, available for license as stock photography for editorial or commercial use. The photos were created throughout the Pacific Northwest and in other parts of the United States and Canada. Most are from locations in Washington, Oregon, and northern California. Every plant pictured is identified by Latin and common name. Powerful search tools make it easy to find just the photograph or species you want, whether it's a native plant or an introduced weed.

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