Mirabilis longiflora

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: white
Life form: thick roots

Mirabilis longiflora is native to the southwestern United states and parts of Mexico. Its white flower tubes are up to 17 cm long, open in the afternoon and are strongly scented at night. It is closely related to Mirabilis jalapa and can hybridize with it, but only as pollen parent, most likely because of the length of its styles. M. longiflora will not always flower in the first year and has a more sprawling habit than M. jalapa. The first 2 pictures are from Judy Glattstein who grows them in a container, hibernating in her garage in New Jersey. Last photo by Martin Bohnet of seed of the two species on a 1 cm grid.

Mirabilis longiflora, Judy GlattsteinMirabilis longiflora, Judy GlattsteinMirabilis longiflora seed (right) compared to M. jalapa (left) on 1 cm grid, Martin Bohnet

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