Ophrys araneola

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: green, brown, patterned
Flower Season: late spring

Ophrys araneola Rchb. is a south- and middle European limestone grassland species which actually expands its range due to the shift to warmer climate. It flowers before most of its cousins, between February in the Mediterranean area and late April /early May in central Europe. The Small Spider Orchid, as it is called, can be distinguished from the Big Spider Orchid Ophrys spegodes through its smaller, flat lip, earlier flower period and reduced contrast in flower colors, but tends to hybridize with other Ophrys in the area, making identification quite difficult.

Ophrys Araneola in habitat on the Swabian Alp, Martin Bohnet

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