Orchis anthropophora

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: green, red, brown
Flower Season: early summer
Life form: tuber

Orchis anthropophora (L)All is a wintergreen species of the subgenus Orchis. At times it had been moved to its own monotypic genus Aceras, but its hybridization with several species of subgenus Orchis proved that wrong. The name literally means "man carrying orchid", which is quite fitting given the shape of the lip. As the flowers open up, the lip is vividly red, but fades quickly to a pale greenish brown. The species prefers slightly shaded south facing dry grassland slopes in western Europe and the western Mediterranean, but also reaches up to the southeast of England. Pictures by Martin Bohnet from the Swabian Jura, which is near the north eastern border of the range.

Orchis anthropophora, Martin BohnetOrchis anthropophora, Martin BohnetOrchis anthropophora fading lip color, Martin Bohnet

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