Organ Mountains Climate Graphs

Below are graphs of the average daily temperatures and average monthly rainfall amounts at the official Brazilian weather station located at 22°27'S, 42°56'W at 959.0 m (3146 ft) above sea level in the Organ Mountains (Serra dos Órgãos) National Park north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These are calculated over a 30-year data period from 1961 - 1990. There is a plot for each in both English and metric units.

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In the temperature plots, there is a line for the average daily maximum temperature during each month, another for the average daily minimum temperature, as well as lines for the extreme (absolute) maximum and minimum temperatures ever measured during each month over the 30 year period of record.

The rainfall plots, show the average amount of rainfall that fell during that month over the 30 year period of record.

These graphs are useful particularly if one is attempting to grow Worsleya procera which only grow in the Organ Mountains of Brazil. They actually grow at higher elevations than where the weather station is located, so they probably experience temperatures a few degrees colder than are indicated here. Worsleya grow on bare granite peaks that are as much as 1000 m (3300 ft) or more higher than the weather station's elevation, completely exposed with no tree or vegetation covering whatsoever.

Additionally, it appears that in those locations around the world where Worsleya has been successfully repeatedly flowered, it not only must be warm to hot and humid during the summer, but it needs to cool off sufficiently at night during the summer. Looking at the warmest average daily max and min temperatures at these locations, they all have average summer lows during the hottest part of the year below 20 °C. Below is a list of locations around the world where Worsleya is known to both successfully grow and flower, and their warmest average daily min and max temperatures in °C:

Organ Mountains, Brazil 16° - 27°
Sydney, Australia 18° - 28°
Johannesburg, South Africa 15° - 26°
Xalapa, Mexico 17° - 28° (in the mountains northwest of Veracruz)
Los Angeles, California 18° - 29° (if humidity is provided during the summer)
Auckland, New Zealand 16° - 24°
Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil 14° - 27°

However, we can see why they don't like south Florida:

West Palm Beach, Florida    24° - 32°

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Organ Mountains temperature, English units Organ Mountains temperature, metric units Organ Mountains rainfall, English units Organ Mountains rainfall, metric units
Temperature °F Temperature °C Rainfall inches Rainfall millimetres

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