Ostrowskia is a genus in the Campanulaceae family with only one tuberous species.

Ostrowskia magnifica Regel is known as the Giant Bellflower and is found growing in forest among shrubs at about 1,500-2,000 m. in Central Asia: (Pamiro Alay), Tien Shan (Ugamskiye Mountains) and northern Afghanistan. In growth it has up to 30 white or large powder blue flowers on long pedicels. It prefers morning sun and well drained soil and to be kept dry when in dormancy (summer to fall), the only time it is safely transplanted. It can be lifted then and kept dry until the end of September or if grown in a very large pot of at least 15 liters (4 gal.) kept almost dry until growth starts in September or October. Photos from Paul Otto.

Ostrowskia magnifica, Paul OttoOstrowskia magnifica, Paul Otto

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