PBS Meeting 2003

In November of 2003 a bunch of PBS members and friends converged once again on the home of Cathy Craig, PBS President in 2003, and John Hancock, her husband for a wonderful time of food, plant talk, and a bulb auction. There were a number of very interesting items brought for the auction, some of them very rare, including several lots of Paramongaia weberbaueri bulbs and several large pots of mature Brunsvigias of some kind (I think; I didn't win the bid on these, so consequently didn't get to take a pot home with me). Here are some photos of those who were in attendance. Photos taken November 2003 by Lee Poulsen.

Mike Brewer, Lee PoulsenPat Colville, PBS Membership Director, Lee PoulsenPhyllis Ferguson, Cathy Craig's mother, and Cathy Craig (right), Lee PoulsenTom Glavich, Lee PoulsenSteve Hampson, Lee Poulsen

Mike Brewer, Patty Colville, Phyllis Ferguson and Cathy Craig, Tom Glavich, Steve Hampson

Charles Hardman and Harold Koopowitz discussing plants, Lee PoulsenCharles Hardman, Lee PoulsenHarold Koopowitz, Lee PoulsenJohn Hancock, Cathy Craig's husband with his orchids, Lee PoulsenCarla Lowe, neighbor of Cathy's, Lee Poulsen

Charles Hardman & Harold Koopowitz, Charles Hardman, Harold Koopowitz, John Hancock, Carla Lowe

Erick Lux, Lee PoulsenSusan Mulqueen, Lee PoulsenKaren Muir, Lee PoulsenChuck Schwartz, Lee PoulsenLeonard Scott, Lee Poulsen

Erick Lux, Susan Mulqueen, Karen Muir, Chuck Schwartz, Leonard Scott

There were also show-and-tell flowers, including all of autumn-blooming Narcissus hybrids that Harold Koopowitz brought pictured in the first three photos. The fourth photo shows miniature Sinningias that Cathy's mother Phyllis Ferguson brought. The last photo is an image of some very lovely Hyacinthoides lingulata (syn. Scilla lingulata ) that Harold brought for show-and-tell, as well as some offsets for the auction.

Narcissus, autumn blooming hybrids, Lee PoulsenNarcissus, autumn blooming hybrids, Lee PoulsenNarcissus, autumn blooming hybrids, Lee Poulsenminiature Sinningia, Lee PoulsenHyacinthoides lingulata, Lee Poulsen

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