Pabellonia is a South American genus in the former Alliaceae family (now included in Amaryllidaceae) formerly known as Chrysocoryne. It is now included in Leucocoryne by most experts. It was separated out in the past since it had staminodes that were fleshy and flat and of a showy pale orange. For cultivation it needs a very well drained soil in full sun and frost free warm conditions. This genus is summer dormant and bulbs are smallish, roundish, very much like Leucocoryne bulbs.

Pabellonia incrassata Phil. syn. Chrysocoryne incrassata (Phil.) Zoellner is now considered to be a synonym of Leucocoryne incrassata by The Plant List. However, some South American botanists believe that this species is not significantly different from Leucocoryne narcissoides Phil. which was named first. In addition Ravenna has named a new plant Leucocoryne coronata which some South American botanists have not accepted as a different species. You may find photos under any of these names. We have added photos taken in Chile under Leucocoryne narcissoides where more information can be found.

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