Papaveraceae or the poppy family, is cosmopolitan in temperate and sub-tropical climates. It consists of 41 genera and ~800 species, most of which are located in the Northern Hemisphere. Plants are hermaphroditic. Members are marked by a milky latex, which could range from white, to yellow, to red, and alternating leaves.

The APG II system classified the families Fumariaceae and Pteridophyllaceae loosely within the Papaveraceae. Since APG III, Fumarioideae are classified as subfamily of Papaveraceae, and Pteridophyllaceae have been reduced to tribe Hypecoeae inside Fumarioideae.The subfamilies differ in flower symmetry, with Papaveroideae featuring more or less simple actinomorphic flowers, and Fumarioideae have complex, often spurred flowers with one or two planes of symmetry.

Species on the wiki in this family include Corydalis, Dicentra, Romneya and Sanguinaria

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