Paradisea is a genus that is considered to be in the Agavoideae subfamily of Asparagaceae family. It is closely related to Anthericum and sometimes confused with it in seed exchanges. There are two species from Europe that have spikes of funnel-shaped white flowers.

Paradisea liliastrum is from the alpine meadows of southern Europe. To grow from seeds, sow in a well-drained medium and keep outside in the autumn through the winter. Seeds will germinate in the spring. Seeds can also be germinated using bottom heat (~70F/21 °C) within a month in September or October and can be grown in a warm house (Jack Elliott). Photo 1 taken in the French Alps by Hans Joschko who writes: I have seen this species in the French and Italian alps but nowhere were they as beautiful as in Ecrin National Park. We camped with them all around us. I have been unable to succeed with them in my garden in Germany however. Photo 2 of seeds by David Pilling.

Paradisea liliastrum, Hans JoschkoParadisea liliastrum seed, David Pilling

Paradisea lusitanica is a native to the mountains of Portugal and is taller with smaller flowers than Paradisea liliastrum. These pictures were taken in Wisley Gardens in the UK in May 2004 by Bob Rutemoeller.

Paradisea lusitanica, Bob RutemoellerParadisea lusitanica, Bob Rutemoeller

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